Wearing a scarf


Chinese medicine is full of useful little health tips and this is tried and tested.  Over the last few weeks I’ve seen several people with stiff necks and shoulders from the weather.  This is easily avoided by making sure your neck is covered in windy damp or cold weather.  Even if it feels warm, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, do not let a persistent breeze blow on your neck and top of your back. The same applies if you are sitting next to a fan or air con in the heat.  

This area of the body is part of the outer surface of the immune system in chinese medicine and it is surprisingly vulnerable to disruption by a penetrating wind.  If the top of your back or your neck feels vulnerable in air flow, cover it up.  


From a chinese medical point of view, this surface shield is powered by physical heat/yang from the internal organs and wind blowing over it will compromise that heat, and disrupt the enhanced blood flow to the surface of the skin.  The blood flowing through the small blood vessels under the skins surface will be blocked or impeded and the outer layer of the immune system is no longer working at full capacity.  This in turn may facilitate the entry of something that’s knocking at the door of the ear nose and throat. Something that seemed to start with a stiff neck or headache and progressed into a sore throat, cough etc.  A power loss in another area of the immune system will affect the bodies ability to resist a virus.  It may also allow further disruption into the blood and fluid structures of an acupuncture meridian and cause neck pain, shoulder pain or something else possibly down in the body.

 Damp is very prevalent in this country.  From a western medical perspective you could say this was lymph build up as part of an immune system response which then fails to drain away properly and hangs around blocking things up precipitating a further immune system response and more stickiness.  Poor lymphatic drainage may be a result of diet so if you’re prone to slow stagnant digestion and achey areas, avoid excessive use of cow dairy, orange juice, beer and rancid nut products.  Nuts go rancid unbelievably quickly but are great when they’ve just been shelled.  

Or just move to a country with civilized weather. 


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