De-Stress Ear Acupuncture.

Dragon Project
Dragon Project



images-1The Internal Causes of Disease

In Chinese medicine there are two main categories of disease causation:the  external and internal causes of disease.  The external causes are climatic, environmental factors and dietary.
In our culture, whilst environmental and dietary factors are important, an enormous number of health problems stem from the internal causes of disease.

The internal causes of disease are emotional. The idea of physical health problems being caused by our emotions only really gained traction in medicine relatively recently, but Chinese medicine has a profound understanding of the way emotional tension, from the superficial level of ‘having a bad day’, to deep childhood trauma, affects our health.

Our emotional health and physical health are inseparably, interwoven aspects of our well-being.

Stressed Out Brighton

Brighton is a ‘fun’ city , but people in Brighton are surprisingly tense.  Many of us are in insecure housing with sociopathic house-mates;  we’re managing debt; we’re underpaid; we’re entering the ninth circle of hell and on a daily basis doing the morning commute to London;  we’re using alcohol, and powders and pills to unwind, and then the hangover is making things worse.

The pressures on us in the day to day are causing record numbers of people to seek help for panic attacks, stress, anxiety, depression and being emotionally overwhelmed; and this level of emotional pressure is also making us physically ill.  Many of our patients report issues with anxiety and unmanageable, stress levels.

Discussing this recently at clinic,  we concluded that the majority of people, we were treating, were suffering from issues of stress, anxiety and emotional tension.  This was the background to whatever ‘physical’ ailment with which they were attending clinic; and that we needed to work more effectively with stress.  To do that we needed to do it in a way that is both effective, and cheap enough to allow people to access our service as often as they need to.


The NADA Protocol 

The NADA protocol is a five point ear acupuncture treatment developed in drug rehabs in the New York in the eighties.  It had a remarkable, success record with people experiencing extreme, emotional distress, when giving up crack cocaine. The five points do the following things.
Adrenal; takes the body out of a sympathetic flight or fight nervous state into parasympathetic, calm.
Shenmen;  draws your consciousness down into your belly, and out of your head.
Kidney: addresses issues related to adrenal exhaustion and mental weariness as well as calm the adrenals.
Liver: smooths the emotions particularly anger and frustration; stabilises the endocrine system and assists digestion
Lung: diaphragmatic release and emotional release; works in harmony with the liver and kidneys; assists in excretion and breathing issues.

These points synergise and amplify one another to make the NADA protocol an amazing treatment for stress, anxiety depression or perhaps not that surprisingly giving up smoking or other substances. It’s like an all purpose grounding and centring treatment and we can deliver it at speed.

We’re offering this as a service at clinic because we recognise that huge numbers of people would really benefit from calming down both emotionally, and in terms of their physical health.  We think this is the tool to do it quickly, effectively and cheaply.

£5 for each treatment. Drop in between 10.00 and 18.00 Monday to Wednesday


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