Dragon Acupuncture 2.0

Following a break over the summer, we’re opening a developing a new clinic space at About Balance 22 Gloucester Place. 

This clinic is designed to make acupuncture treatment available to the broadest cross section of people in Brighton possible.  The cost of treatment will be  £10 per session.

We have a donations box in the reception for anyone who would like to support what we are doing and help us build the project. 

At present we are running two drop in sessions per week between 9.30 and 10.45 on Wednesday and Friday mornings. We will extend the times to much longer sessions when we have more fully worked out this model of practice.  

We’er trying to make our note taking and client intake paperless, so if you”d like to speed up your first visit to clinic please  fill in the contact form below and we’ll send you out a health check list to fill out prior to your treatment.  

We are exploring other changes to the way Chinese medicine is practised, emphasising preventative and personal measures such as lifestyle, diet and movement practice.

This clinic is a response to spiralling housing prices, wage stagnation and the rise in the cost of living in Brighton.  Many people are finding themselves increasingly unable to manage and this affects all of us.

We need a clinic that is economically relevant to everyone in Brighton. Those with chronic health issues, and those of us who are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.  We need, perhaps more than ever, to create a space that supports the many, many people in this town who, in different ways, are in need of support.

Please come down and check us out, or tell others who you feel might benefit.




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